Massage Therapy

Licensed Massage and Bodywork Therapist

Henderson Wellness Center now offers massage therapy provided by licensed massage and bodywork therapist, Holly Nix. After moving from West Tennessee, Holly decided to pursue a career in massage therapy. She graduated from the American and European Massage Clinic, Inc. in Raleigh, in 2012. Prior to moving to North Carolina in 2010, Holly had a background in nursing for over 18 years. She has been married to her husband of 20 years and they have three children. Her hobbies include writing, reading, camping, and outdoor activities. Holly specializes in Russian Medical Massage and Swedish Massage. She also provides deep tissue therapy, relaxation techniques and adjunct therapy for chiropractic patients.

Holly Nix is a Licensed Massage and Bodywork Therapist (# 12779) by the NCBMBT. She is located at the Henderson Wellness Center at 414 Dabney Dr., Henderson, NC 27536. Appointments can be made by calling the clinic at 252-430-8000 or by calling or text 731-618-0475. Walk-ins are welcome as available.

Enjoy a clean, calm atmosphere with custom techniques ranging from Medical Massage, a relaxing Swedish Massage, a rhythmic Russian Medical Massage sequence, to a trigger point and deep tissue concentration on specific tense muscles.

Session Intervals include:

  1.  90 minute massage - $100.00 or prepay for 6 or more sessions - $540 ($90.00 ea. additional)

The ultimate relaxation experience. One and a half hours of pampering with a full body massage. This unhurried approach allows time for maximum muscle relaxation, tension release and for trouble areas to be thoroughly treated.

  2.  60 minute massage - $65.00 or prepay for 6 or more sessions - $351 ($58.50 ea. additional)

The most popular massage we offer, provides one full hour of therapeutic treatment. Whether you want a relaxing full body massage or a concentration on specific areas, the 60 minute massage allows time for superficial muscles to relax so that deeper muscles can be impacted without unnecessary pain. The 60 minute massage also makes an excellent and affordable gift. Take advantage of the bundle package pricing and get on for yourself and give one away.

  3.  30 minute massage - $45.00 or prepay for 6 or more sessions - $243 ($40.50 ea. additional)

A great way to for a new client to try a sample is the 30 minute massage. It's also great for concentration on a specific trouble area. It is especially effective for migraine or tension headaches, where massage can be concentrated on the scalp, neck, and shoulders.

  4.  15 minute massage - $20.00 or prepay for 6 or more sessions - $108 ($18 ea. additional)

This interval is especially structured for the client who just wants to “try” massage. A 15 minute back massage will offer a taste of a longer session. It is also good for single area concentration. For example, acute sciatic pain due to a tight gluteal muscle, or a head massage for headache relief.